Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twilight Drama

What fun would internet blogging be without the drama? None of course! That is why Twilighters made sure to give us an extra dose or two in the last week. First of all there was major rumors flying around that Rob Pat had been butting heads with New Moon director Chris Weitz about not only details in the script and plot of the movie, but also because he was jealous of favoritism the director was showing for new-comer Dakota Fanning. Then, hours later another blog/news site claimed that Robert was so fed up with everything that he walked off the set! It was also rumored that they were searching for a new actor to replace him! As you can guess fans were furious and leaving comments on blogs like pigeons leave droppings on park benches. They ranged from the stunned "You have got to be kidding me?" and "this BETTER be a joke" to as complex as stating "dicks." Of course none of these fans took into account that it was April Fool's Day and it was ALL just a way to get fans crazed and foaming at the mouth.

Since writing the above paragraph hours ago I have come across an even newer report saying that cast and crew are "gagging" at Robert's BO. He testily denied that he doesn't shower and that he does so on a regular basis. Personally, he doesn't look like a very clean dude to me. They also go on to report that he is very jealous of the five new actors hired to play part of the werewolves clan. I really hope this is not true because he really should not be threatened. After all, he IS playing Edward Cullen.

Also, in reference to an earlier blog, apparently many fans in the UK were just as surprised as I was by the choice to hire Jamie Campbell-Bower to play Caius! They say he is too young and pretty! SEE! It wasn't just me!

A little drama-starting food for thought: a commentator named Darum from comingsoon.net mused "I still don't understand how this is going to be released in November when [they're] still casting people. They're definitely going to end up pushing back the date." I believe this will cause a world wide meltdown. Hormonal teens and menopausal women across Earth will simultaneously have panic attacks and take out their fury on their loved ones. Just a thought.

Finally, my mom is an avid scrapbooker and came across an article in Creating Keepsakes magazine which lists the Twilight font known as Zephyr as the Font of the Month. People have been in a frenzy to acquire this font. While I have seen it for sale on websites as high as $29.99 my mom DID find a web site that had it for FREE! That's right, I said FREE! Try this place http://www.biteoftwilight.com/2006/12/fonts.html
Be aware that some places have changed the name of the font to Twilight to help even more with the ever growing popularity.

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  1. I feel like I'd never have to go to another site to learn about anything Twilight/New Moon, etc. You provide it all! ;-)