Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Summit Announces Full New Moon Cast

They announced today on the Summit website the cast for New Moon. It listed the return of the Cullen family which should not be a surprise since on set photos have been leaked on almost every web site with pictures of all of them. A lot of major characters from the Volturi were announced such as who will play Marcus, Demetri, Felix, and Alec (Jane's brother). I was pleased to recognize a few of the names of the actors from a couple of the X-men movies. Sam's girlfriend Emily was announced and the actress is the one who was rumored to play Leah, so that was interesting. The names of the actors playing Leah and Sam however were missing from the list. I don't know if this is because they have not been cast yet or if they just neglected to mention them. The BIGGER rumor-starter though was the lack of Billy Burke who played Bella's father Charlie Swan in Twilight. I thought he did an amazing job and really hope he comes back for the second movie. I can't picture anyone else playing the role. Anyways, It is too much for me to type the names of all the new actors hired (yes, I'm being lazy) but if you want you can go read the whole article yourself at the Summit Entertainment official web page.

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