Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Mania

Ok, I knew things were going to be wild when I and 11 other friends bought tickets to watch all 3 Twilight movies in a row at the Cine Capri Tempe Marketplace, but I really wasn't prepared for the insanity that happened. I had originally planned on leaving work and heading down to the theater at 1 but after talking to some friends had decided that was a little extreme and changed the time to 4. Well, at 11:30 I started receiving text messeges from friends who were already in line saying that the lines were already OUTSIDE the theater even though the movie didnt start til 7:00 later that evening! Eventually the line got so long that harkins decided to cancel the 4:30 showing of Toy Story 3 and let all of us vrazed fans in. This is where the madness really began. When of all ages (literally! I saw a elderly lady wearing a shirt that said "Grandma's for Carlisle" ) were running and pushing and dodging to get a decent seat. We surprisingly (Thanks to angie) were able to get pretty good seats in the middle of the theater. Unfortunately it was impossible to find a spot where all of us could sit together so we were split up into a couple groups. Everytime I would go down to the bathroom there was some middle aged woman yelling at a manager about all the good seats being taken (shoulda got there earlier like the rest of us, beeyotch)or management had grown women seperated and sitting on the floor in different spots so they could interview them seperately over the "altercation" I don't know what happened but I don't doubt the ferociousness of some Twilight Moms when it comes to their "twihardness" and devotion to their fictional lovers. There were so many hormonal women gathered in one spot that the theater changed the men's restroom into another Women's restroom so the lines would go quicker. Don't get me wrong. their was a fair share of men there sporting their own "Team Alice" and "Team Bella" shirts. Which leads me to another thought: I have never seen so many different shirts about the same thing. I saw at least 100 different Twilight themed shirts. Many were homemade but there was quite a lot of store purchased ones as well. Anyways, once the fils actually started the night when by pretty fast (I will admit that I probably slept about 20 minutes during Twilight). Everyone was so pumped up every time a new character was introduced. I found it especially entertaining the way the women (and some men) would roar every time oen of the werewolves took their shirt off. Almost as amusing as the lack of screaming when Edward (RPatts) took his shirt off at the end of new Moon (Um, can you seen asymetrical nipples?) Eclipse was fantastic. Probably the best of all so far. Great special effects and good job showing the angst and tension in the love triangle. I got home a little before 3 that night then woke up the next day at 5:50 to get ready for work. I apologize for any lack of spelling or sense that this post may lack but would like to blame some of it on the fact that i still have not had a full night's sleep. Already have plans to go see the movie again on Monday with some girlfriends. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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